Lib helping you with building up the ManiaScript of a ManiaLink.

1.1.3 2014-12-26 11:20 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-05 03:46:39 UTC


This repository holds a collection of PHP classes helping you managing and manipulating the ManiaScript of a ManiaLink.


The ManiaScript Builder supports you to create the whole ManiaScript for you, most important the main() function including the whole event handling of any MouseClick, KeyPress and other events. With the Builder, you can add your code to be included in the ManiaScript wherever you want in your script, and eventually generate the resulting ManiaScript to include it in your actual ManiaLink file.


The ManiaScript Compressor is able to compress the ManiaScript without changing its logic. This can be used to make the script smaller in order to reduce the traffic.