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This will create a html formatter for Behat.

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Behat 3 extension for generating HTML reports from your test results.

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Twig report

Twig Screenshot

Behat 2 report

Behat2 Screenshot


  • The tool can be installed easily with composer.
  • Defining the formatter in the behat.yml file
  • Modifying the settings in the behat.ymlfile



This extension requires:

  • PHP 5.3.x or higher
  • Behat 3.x or higher

Through composer

The easiest way to keep your suite updated is to use Composer:

Install with composer:

$ composer require --dev emuse/behat-html-formatter

Install using composer.json

Add BehatHtmlFormatterPlugin to the list of dependencies inside your composer.json.

    "require": {
        "behat/behat": "3.*@stable",
        "emuse/behat-html-formatter": "0.1.*",
    "minimum-stability": "dev",
    "config": {
        "bin-dir": "bin/"

Then simply install it with composer:

$ composer install --dev --prefer-dist

You can read more about Composer on its official webpage.

Basic usage

Activate the extension by specifying its class in your behat.yml:

# behat.yml
    ... # All your awesome suites come here
      output_path: %paths.base%/build/html/behat
      name: html
      renderer: Twig,Behat2
      file_name: index
      print_args: true
      print_outp: true
      loop_break: true


  • output_path - The location where Behat will save the HTML reports. The path defined here is relative to %paths.base% and, when omitted, will be default set to the same path.
  • renderer - The engine that Behat will use for rendering, thus the types of report format Behat should output (multiple report formats are allowed, separate them by commas). Allowed values are:
  • Behat2 for generating HTML reports like they were generated in Behat 2.
  • Twig A new and more modern format based on Twig.
  • Minimal An ultra minimal HTML output.
  • file_name - (Optional) Behat will use a fixed filename and overwrite the same file after each build. By default, Behat will create a new HTML file using a random name ("renderer name"_"date hour").
  • print_args - (Optional) If set to true, Behat will add all arguments for each step to the report. (E.g. Tables).
  • print_outp - (Optional) If set to true, Behat will add the output of each step to the report. (E.g. Exceptions).
  • loop_break - (Optional) If set to true, Behat will add a separating break line after each execution when printing Scenario Outlines.


The facility exists to embed a screenshot into test failures.

Currently png is the only supported image format.

In order to embed a screenshot, you will need to take a screenshot using your favourite webdriver and store it in the following filepath format:


The feature_name and scenario_name variables will need to be the relevant item names without spaces.

Below is an example of FeatureContext methods which will produce an image file in the above format:

         * @BeforeScenario
         * @param BeforeScenarioScope $scope
        public function setUpTestEnvironment($scope)
            $this->currentScenario = $scope->getScenario();

         * @AfterStep
         * @param AfterStepScope $scope
        public function afterStep($scope)
            //if test has failed, and is not an api test, get screenshot
                //create filename string
                $featureFolder = str_replace(' ', '', $scope->getFeature()->getTitle());
                $scenarioName = $this->currentScenario->getTitle();
                $fileName = str_replace(' ', '', $scenarioName) . '.png';
                //create screenshots directory if it doesn't exist
                if (!file_exists('results/html/assets/screenshots/' . $featureFolder)) {
                    mkdir('results/html/assets/screenshots/' . $featureFolder);
                //take screenshot and save as the previously defined filename
                $this->driver->takeScreenshot('results/html/assets/screenshots/' . $featureFolder . '/' . $fileName);

Note that the currentScenario variable will need to be at class level and generated in the @BeforeScenario method as Behat does not currently support obtaining the current Scenario in the @AfterStep method, where the screenshot is generated

Issue Submission

When you need additional support or you discover something strange, feel free to Create a new issue.

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