Get, validate and generate MAC addresses.

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#PHP MAC Address

This is a PHP class for MAC address manipulation on top of Unix, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. it was primarily written to help with spoofing for wireless security audits.


  • Verify you are executing it from the command line
  • Verify you are running the script as an administrator
  • Generate new random MAC addresses
  • Validate MAC addresses
  • Get the current system’s MAC address
  • Set or “spoof” any MAC address you want


// require the class
require_once './src/BlakeGardner/MacAddress.php';

// import the class
use BlakeGardner\MacAddress;

// get the mac address of the eth0 interface

// generate a random mac address

// validate an MAC address

// set a randomly generated MAC address on the eth0 interface

// set a specific MAC address on the eth0 interface
var_dump(MacAddress::setFakeMacAddress('eth0', '00:E4:01:2C:79:DA'));

For more see the example.php file. You can run the example on the command line as root. php example.php

##Planned Features

  • List all interfaces on the system
  • OS detection
  • Suppress errors on the command line