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This Laravel package lets you generate API Consumers with Endpoints and Shapes which usage is similar to Laravel's Eloquent models.

You can generate one Consumer per API service you want to consume. Each Consumer can have any number of Endpoints with multiple Shapes.

An Endpoint represents e.g. a resource on a REST API like /users. Endpoints return Collections of Shapes. You can model the methods the API offers here.

A Shape represents an Object returned by an Endpoint and allows you to e.g. transform or validate the Object's properties.


This package is currently in development and is not production ready.


You can install the package via composer

composer require black-bits/laravel-api-consumer

Next you can publish the config

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="BlackBits\ApiConsumer\ApiConsumerServiceProvider"


To make a new Api Consumer Service you can simply run

php artisan make:api-consumer ConsumerName

To add an endpoint (e.g. UserEndpoint) to this service run the following command, this will also create a default shape (UserShape) for that Endpoint

php artisan make:api-consumer-endpoint UserEndpoint -c ConsumerName

To add a custom Collection Callback run the following command. You can use this e.g. to create a filter that only shows Users that receive a newsletter

php artisan make:api-consumer-collection-callback ReceivesNewsletter

You can find an example implementation here: black-bits/laravel-api-consumer-showcase


composer test


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