Misc PHP code

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2.20.0 2016-04-12 17:25 UTC


This is a bundle designed to work with Laravel 4.0 - 4.1, but it tries to stay independent where possible.


  • APIs - Reusable components for working with 3rd party APIs like Twitter
  • Laravel - Reusable components designed to work with Laravel
  • Utils - General framework independent utilities


  1. Add to your composer.json's requires: "bkwld/library": "~2.0". Then do a regular composer install.

  2. Add as a provider in your app/config/app.php's provider list: 'Bkwld\Library\LibraryServiceProvider',

  3. Add these validation rules:

    "file" => "The :attribute must be a file", "unique_with" => "The :attribute has already been taken",



Getting access token

You would hard code an access token into your site for cases like fetching your own Instagram feed.