Fetch rates, track packages and verify addresses via the UPS API

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An easy to use PHP UPS Library for tracking, rates and address validation

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## Features Address Validation - Ensure an address is valid before it's accepted by your application Address Correction - If an address is invalid, we'll help you correct it Track Packages - See current status, recent activity, delivery requirements (signature, etc.), insurance details and more Shipping Rates - Get shipping estimates for packages ## Installation

You can install the library via Composer by running:

composer require bkuhl/simple-ups:1.*

1.* versions will maintain PHP 5.3 compatibility. dev-master will increase the PHP version requirement for future, 2.* versions.

## Usage

SimpleUPS is currently only available in a static context with the following methods:

SimpleUPS::getRates() SimpleUPS::isValidRegion() SimpleUPS::getSuggestedRegions() SimpleUPS::trackByTrackingNumber() SimpleUPS::isValidAddress() SimpleUPS::getCorrectedAddress() SimpleUPS::getSuggestedAddresses() SimpleUPS::setAuthentication() SimpleUPS::getAccountNumber() SimpleUPS::getAccessLicenseNumber() SimpleUPS::getPassword() SimpleUPS::getUserId() SimpleUPS::setShipper() SimpleUPS::getShipper() SimpleUPS::setCurrencyCode() SimpleUPS::setDebug() SimpleUPS::getDebugOutput() ### Address Validation

Validating an address can be useful to ensure an address that a user provides can be shipped to.

$address = new Address();
$address->setStreet('1001 North Alameda Street');
$address->setCity('Los Angeles');
try {
    var_dump(UPS::isValidAddress($address)); // true
} catch(Exception $e) {
    //unable to validate address
### Region Validation

If an address fails, validating the region can help you determine if the city, state and zip is valid even if the street address isn't.

$address = new Address();
$address->setStreet('xx North Alameda Street');
$address->setCity('Los Angeles');
try {
    if (!UPS::isValidAddress($address))
        var_dump(UPS::isValidRegion($address)); // true
} catch(Exception $e) {
    //unable to validate region or address
### Tracking Shipments

Tracking numbers may contain multiple shipments, and shipments may contain multiple packages, and activity is associated with packages.

try {
    /* @var $shipment \SimpleUPS\Track\SmallPackage\Shipment */
    foreach (UPS::trackByTrackingNumber('1Z4861WWE194914215') as $shipment)
        foreach ($shipment->getPackages() as $package)
            foreach ($package->getActivity() as $activity)
                if ($activity->getStatusType()->isDelivered())
                    echo 'DELIVERED';
} catch (TrackingNumberNotFoundException $e) {
    //Tracking number does not exist
} catch (Exception $e) {
    //Unable to track package
var_dump(UPS::isValidAddress($address)); // false
### Fetching Rates
try {
    //set shipper
    $fromAddress = new \SimpleUPS\InstructionalAddress();
    $fromAddress->setAddressee('Mark Stevens');
    $fromAddress->setStreet('10571 Pico Blvd');
    $fromAddress->setCity('Los Angeles');
    $shipper = new \SimpleUPS\Shipper();
    //define a shipping destination
    $shippingDestination = new \SimpleUPS\InstructionalAddress();
    $shippingDestination->setStreet('220 Bowery');
    $shippingDestination->setCity('New York');
    //define a package, we could specify the dimensions of the box if we wanted a more accurate estimate
    $package = new \SimpleUPS\Rates\Package();
    $shipment = new \SimpleUPS\Rates\Shipment();
    echo 'Rates: ';
    echo '<ul>';
        foreach (UPS::getRates($shipment) as $shippingMethod)
            echo '<li>'.$shippingMethod->getService()->getDescription().' ($'.$shippingMethod->getTotalCharges().')</li>';
    echo '</ul>';
} catch (Exception $e) {
    //doh, something went wrong
    echo 'Failed: ('.get_class($e).') '.$e->getMessage().'<br/>';
    echo 'Stack trace:<br/><pre>'.$e->getTraceAsString().'</pre>';