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Heroine has come to rescue you from your DI nightmares by providing a simple, dependency-free service locator and repository.

For more information on the service locator pattern, you can read the Wikipedia article or on Martin Fowler's website.

Configuration and Usage

How and where you configure Heroine is up to you. All you need to do is construct a new Heroine\Heroine object with an array or an instance of Heroine\Config.

A sample array configuration follows:


$heroineConfig = array(
	'instantiables' => array(
		'MyClass'       => 'MyClass',
		'another_class' => 'Another\Class',
	'callables' => array(
		'MyCalledClass' => function(Heroine\Heroine $heroine) {
			$instance = new MyCalledClass;
			return $instance;
		'another_called_class' => function(Heroine\Heroine $heroine) {
			$instance = new Another\Called\Class;
			return $instance;
	'factories' => array(
		'MyFactoryProductClass' => 'MyFactoryClass',
	'initializers' => array(
		function (Heroine\Heroine $heroine, $instance) {
			if ($instance instanceof Heroine\HeroineAwareInterface)
		function (Heroine\Heroine $heroine, $instance) {
			if ($instance instanceof InitializableInterface)


The four top-level array keys here represent the four creation patterns that Heroine provides.

  • Instantiables - these are classes that do not have any other dependencies, but that you want to be handled by Heroine. An example of this might be a model entity prototype.
  • Callables - these are simple factories that can use Heroine (or other resources) to create an instance of a class. This is recommended when your class has a few simple dependencies that are already managed by Heroine.
  • Factories - this is a full-blown factory class, which must implement Heroine\Factory\FactoryInterface. The createService method will be called to fetch an instance. This is recommended for objects with many dependencies or complex configuration.
  • Initializers - initializers are a list of functions that are run on every object created by Heroine to provide some initial state. For example, you might have a HeroineAwareInterface that provides a hook to inject Heroine into an object after it is created.