This dependency is a robust package for loading files, classes, class aliases, annotations, and store data

v0.1.3 2020-06-16 23:14 UTC

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A PHP library for loading yaml, neon, json, ini, xml, files, resource streamed paths, and aliased classes and namespaces.

📦 Installation

This project requires PHP 8.0 or higher. The recommended way to install, is by using Composer. Simply run:

$ composer require biurad/loader

📓 Documentation

In-depth documentation on how to use this library can be found at It is also recommended to browse through unit tests in the tests directory.

🙌 Sponsors

If this library made it into your project, or you interested in supporting us, please consider donating to support future development.

👥 Credits & Acknowledgements

📄 License

Poakium Annotations is completely free and released under the BSD 3 License.