BitWeb extension for sending errors to email.

1.1.1 2016-12-28 12:05 UTC


Build Status Coverage Status ##Usage:

Add this to your index.php file, right after autoloading.

$errorService = new \BitWeb\ErrorReporting\Service\ErrorService(array(
    'errorReportingLevel' => E_ALL,
    'subject' => '[Errors][your-app-id-here]',
    'emails' => array (
    'from_address' => '',
    'ignore404' => false,
    'ignoreBot404' => false,
    'botList' => array(
    'ignorableExceptions' => array(
    'ignorablePaths' => array (

Add this to the last line of your index.php



Name Type Default Description
errorReportingLevel integer E_ALL The level of error reporting.
subject string Errors The subject of the message being sent.
emails array array() An array of emails the error report is sent to.
from_address string '' Address where the message is sent from.
ignore404 boolean false Are 404 errors ignored?
ignoreBot404 boolean false Are bot 404 errors ignored?
botList array array() Defines bots.
ignorableExceptions array array('ErrorException') Exceptions to ignore.
ignorablePaths array array() Paths to ignore.