PHP Syllable splitting and hyphenation

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PHP Syllable splitting and hyphenation.


Runs in PHP ^7.2 in an object-oriented way.

This library is based on the work by Corey Ballou which is based on the work by Martijn van der Lee which is based on the work by Frank M. Liang and the many volunteers in the TeX community.

Many languages supported. i.e. english (us/uk), spanish, german, french, dutch, italian, romanian, russian, etc. 76 languages in total.

Language sources:

Please note: Even though v1.6 is ready for the use with PHP ^7.2 we're still not done refactoring this library.


This library is made for the use with Composer. Add it to your project by running $ composer require bitandblack/syllable-php.



use BitAndBlack\Syllable\Syllable;
use BitAndBlack\Syllable\Hyphen\Text;

$syllable = new Syllable(
    new Text('-')

// Su-per-cal-ifrag-ilis-tic-ex-pi-ali-do-cious

// array(';Re', 'dun', 'dan', 't, punc', 'tu', 'a', 'tion...')
$syllable->splitWord(';Redundant, punctuation...');

// array(';Re', 'dun', 'dant, punc', 'tu', 'a', 'tion...')
$syllable->splitText(';Redundant, punctuation...');


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