Bundle for simple access to (mainly) nosql databases for Symfony

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This is now a Symfony Bundle for all kinds of DB access in a simple one-table way.

This was A Nosql Bundle for Symfony 2. 

Author: Thomas Lundquist <>

Project started june 2011. 

This started as yet another way to access MongoDB in Symfony 2 and was
created because of the disliking of the concept of the Doctrine ODM.

The concept is the adapter/mapper/manager with the model being an object with ArrayAccess. The object can use thecollected data dynamically, creating it's own run-time-schema on the fly (Dynamic) or you can write a predefined schema (Static) in a few ways.

Right now there are adapters for:

 * Newest php MongoDb driver. (read and write).
 * MongoDB (read and write)
 * DBLib - Readonly.
 * Mysql - Readonly (Since that was what I needed at the time..)
 * SugarCRM REST v10 - Readonly
 * PlainPDO - Readwrite
 * Postgres jsonb adapter as an alternative to MongoDB

As you probably notice, it's both SQL, NoSQL and REST access.

The read/write adapter can use the "VersionedManager" for automagical logging
of the old dataset. (Only tested on the MongoDB and Postgres json services.)

Documentation can be found in Resources/doc/index.rst

-- more will arrive in this README later

Just for todo:

 - Write access for mysql,
 - Kyoto Cabinet

And as a REST interface readonly-example: