opinionated improvements to work with the Silverstripe cms

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1.1.4 2023-01-06 19:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-06 23:00:25 UTC


Opinionated improvements to work with the Silverstripe cms


composer require bhofstaetter/cms-tweaks

optional but recommended

composer require bhofstaetter/framework-tweaks


See `config.yml` and refer to the included models readme file


  • Fontawesome 6 icons for menu and SiteTree. To use FA Pro switch out `SilverStripe\Admin\LeftAndMain.custom_requirements_css.fontawesome`
  • `allowed_parents and updateAllowedParents(&$parents) similar to allowed_children`
  • `$CurrentLevel` current level in Sitetree
  • `$ShowTitle` show page title or not
  • `$ShowSubNavigation` show sub navigation or not
  • `$ShowBreadcrumbs` show sub breadcrumbs or not
  • Option to automatically update URLSegment field
  • Some german translations
  • Improvements for redirected urls
  • A HomePage
    • more features from included modules

Included Modules