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WordPress plugin to import post from RSS or Atom feed.

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0.6.2 2016-06-02 13:30 UTC

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=== Feed Importer ===
Contributors: bfolliot
Tags: feed, rss, atom
Requires at least: 3.1
Tested up to: 4.0
License: BSD-3-Clause
License URI:

WordPress plugin to import post from RSS or Atom feed.

== Description ==

This plugin help you to create post from feed (RSS or Atom).

Development of this plugin is done on [GitHub]( Pull requests welcome. Please see [issues]( reported there before going to the plugin forum.

== Instalation ==

Feed Importer use [composer](, if you already use composer in your project, juste add bfolliot/feed-importer in your composer.json :

    "require": {
        "bfolliot/feed-importer": "~0.6"

If you do not use it (you should really consider using it to manage your project), in your plugins directory (by default, `wp-content/plugins`) :

git clone --branch 0.1.0
cd feed-importer

[Get composer]( and run :

composer.phar install