This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Add inline translation capabilities to your Laravel application.

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This package lets you add inline translation to your Laravel application. Just click on a translation variable, change it's value and save the new value.

Example output


You can install the package via composer as a dev dependency:

composer require beyondcode/laravel-inline-translation --dev

The package is enabled by default - so all you need to do is visit your application in the browser and look for translation keys.

Please do NOT use this package in production. Updating translation keys will save the updated values in the filesystem. This package is only intended during the development.

Disabling Inline Translation

You can disable inline translation by setting an environment variable called INLINE_TRANSLATION_ENABLED to false.


I tested this package with a couple of our client projects as well as with some open source Laravel projects. Translation variables appear throughout very different parts of your application, so there is a chance that this is not working for your specific setup.


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