Generate ER diagrams from your Laravel models.

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This package lets you generate entity relation diagrams by inspecting the relationships defined in your model files. It is highly customizable. Behind the scenes, it uses GraphViz to generate the graph.

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The minimum required PHP version is 7.1.0.


This package requires the graphviz tool.

You can install Graphviz on MacOS via homebrew:

brew install graphviz

Or, if you are using Homestead:

sudo apt-get install graphviz

To install Graphviz on Windows, download it from the official website.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require beyondcode/laravel-er-diagram-generator --dev

If you are using Laravel 5.5+, the package will automatically register the service provider for you.

If you are using Lumen, you will need to add the following to bootstrap\app.php:

# Register Service Providers


By default, the package will automatically detect all models in your app/Models directory that extend the Eloquent Model class. If you would like you explicitly define where your models are located, you can publish the configuration file using the following command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=BeyondCode\\ErdGenerator\\ErdGeneratorServiceProvider

If you're using Lumen and you want to customize the config, you'll need to copy the config file from the vendor directory:

cp ./vendor/beyondcode/laravel-er-diagram-generator/config/config.php config/erd-generator.php

Generating Diagrams

You can generate entity relation diagrams using the provided artisan command:

php artisan generate:erd

This will generate a file called graph.png.

You can also specify a custom filename:

php artisan generate:erd output.png

Or use one of the other output formats, like SVG:

php artisan generate:erd output.svg --format=svg


Please take a look at the published erd-generator.php configuration file for all available customization options.


Here are some examples taken from the codebase.

Using Database Schema



composer test


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.