HELO Laravel debug helper

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The helper package to add additional debug information from Laravel to your HELO mails.


To install this package, require it via composer:

composer require --dev beyondcode/helo-laravel

You can also publish the package configuration using:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="BeyondCode\HeloLaravel\HeloLaravelServiceProvider"

This will create a config file called helo.php with the following content:


return [
     * This flag determines if you want to send additional SMTP headers that will contain the debug output that HELO
     * makes use of.
     * By default, this is only the case when your application is in debug mode.
    'is_enabled' => env('HELO_ENABLED', env('APP_DEBUG')),

Using the package

When the package is enabled in your Laravel application, all mailables that you send via your application will contain additional SMTP headers with debug information, that HELO will display in the UI. Please refer to the HELO documentation in order to setup your application to send mails to HELO.

Once HELO accepts emails from your application, you can try if the package works, using the built-in test command:

php artisan helo:test

A test message should appear in your HELO UI containing additional debug information:


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