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This is an extension for Behat which allows loading specifications from reStructuredText documentation

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BehatRSTSpecificationLocatorExtension is a Behat extension which allows loading specifications from reStructuredText documentation.


The recommended installation method is through Composer:

composer require --dev bex/behat-rst-specification-locator-extension


The official documentation is available here.


  • Add tests for running behat with file path as parameter
  • Add tests for running behat with folder path as parameter
  • Add tests for running behat without path parameter (cases: path configured in suite, path not configured)
  • Make sure recursive file discovery works under any given path
  • Add parse error reporting (proper error handling)
  • Make sure dry-run prints the scenarios
  • Fix line number reference when test fails (it should refer to the line number in the original document)
  • Add the ability to run specific scenario by referring to line number (e.g. bin/behat docs/my_doc.rst:12)
  • Ignore documentation files which doesn't contain gherkin code blocks
  • Implement feature to ignore some code blocks from the document since probably not all scenario written in the document should be executed as automated test (note: probably can be done simply with tagging the scenario - options to just skip or exclude it entirely)
  • Investigate: Is there a report generator extension already which could be used to enhance the documentation with the scenario status (passing/skipped/failed)?