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If Laravel 6.x starting point had a full extra-stack and was a CMS-Shop alike

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"Jumping" cordialities, this git should not be public, but two decades of personal experience are culminating in this project experiment. Has a developer/analyst, which had the honor to initialize servers, and project's mentor, wanted to add that the main goal is to design a code architecture, which will enable:

  • Avoiding repetition of ANY standard code in new client projects, eg. login;
    • this login also reflects roles and permissions, and it's own management, all in due time;
  • Any new client project is an opportunity or to review code, add missing function, or even create a new inner-stack;
    • new clients bring more code to Genesis, and this architecture will spread to all running Genesis clients, eg. one billing becomes all billing;
  • Present day DevOps allows multi-layers of code access and responsibilities:
    • while seniors are back-back-office (Genesis), juniors can focus on client code-folders, we can position specialists on it's folder/stack.

We don't want to bring one more PHP-framework to the ecosystem, nor market Genesis has as it's own "trademark", but it is our professional tool-box that implement businesses at BeWhy!

It was stated that shouldn't be public, since is real code in real servers... That is one mind-set! Is it ours??? We only got here with a lot of help from the open-source community, and as we will see later, we still use other people's code as dependencies...

BeWhy, more then a company is an ideology, and Genesis is a commitment to a chosen path...

Getting Started

It wasn't stated before, but Genesis is not a full-on WebFramework, we are not re-inventing the wheel in every front! We are just following several best practices in one full-stack "development-result" structure.

At this point, you should understand that complete tutorial is at our homepage: BeWhy Genesis, but we only provide support to our corporate clients.

Genesis, itself does not work, so no use for you to clone or download git. Genesis will only interact with our chosen MVC, Laravel 6.x.


As previous stated, Genesis is a tool-box with many components, which jump-start any project from 0 to deploy in no-time.

Check complete tutorial page: BeWhy Genesis or under Built With and Versioning chapters.

The only prerequisite is Laravel 6.x, your chosen dev environment and brain, the ladder is important...

Case you didn't drink enough coffee yet, installing Laravel Environment is a must!

Before continuing our tutorial, check your local site is okey!

It's mandatory, at this point, you gave some experience under Laravel, and know the tricks around files like:

    Homestead.yaml && \etc\hosts && .env

And you have your local server and composer updated... Ready, set, go???

Built With

Before install, a reminder that you should always look at BeWhy Genesis for latest update.

We need to reference the following amazing teams, for their code, inspiration and contribution to world's coding community. We hope we will be worthy on following your legacy and improve on it. For now all glory should go to:

Under Versioning chapter we will add some mode details to our actual code, but this thread is a special reference to those who deserve it. Next topic we will see how to install all this in a couple of simple step's, and we will dive into examples how to interact will Genesis.


Just start, a new Laravel Project... One way would be:

    composer create-project laravel/genesis client

You should have a minimum Laravel running at

Run something like (depending on your SO, and prior configs)

    vagrant ssh    #connect to your server
    cd client      #go to you new project
    composer require bewhy/genesis --dev
    composer update

A huge log will ensure, it is importing Genesis, our code plus our requirements.... The open-source motive again! Just let it finish, hopefully everything ends in success, and we keep our bond of trust!

Before moving to next chapter, you will need to run

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="BeWhy\Genesis\GenesisServiceProvider" --tag="assets"

This will enable template to be copy to: public/template/genesis/docs/index.html, so if you have no styles, this might be missing! You can go check it out starting point... We added out add-ons on public/css/genesis.css, and don't forget to extend BootStrap 4.0 rules....


Our job is still not done, we just added some other dependencies that have to be implemented before system is fully running.

So at this point, just head to you dev site, and look up how to end the installation, should be something like Don't worry those route groups are only available on local environment (reference to .env).


This is the fun fact about BeWhy and/or Genesis, our clients have their own GitLab, and Genesis is on GitHub. Our projects have their Genesis + own dependencies, and Genesis is already a package of dependencies and exclusive business logic. That is why you have 2 step deployment, but you'll keep getting goodies everytime

composer update

This is one of the ways we ensure a solid and separate growth of software, having a main branch over time, and you can keep you independence. It seems I'm doing double the work, but after working with many stacks, teams, changing devs, and other "client" histories...

Don't complain, do better... This is Genesis.


Even though we are showing raw code, contributions are by invitation only. If you're interested in working for us, you might send your job application to

For people who where added as Git Users of Genesis, I also leave a tip how to best separate our source from whatever everyone is doing.

Doing in fast forward mode:

    composer create-project laravel/genesis genesis
    vagrant ssh
    cd genesis
    mkdir packages/BeWhy/Genesis
    cd packages/BeWhy/Genesis
    git pull
    composer dump-autoload
    cd ~/genesis | cd -
    vi composer.jon           #look and replace
        "autoload": {
            "psr-4": {
                "BeWhy\\Genesis\\": "packages/BeWhy/Genesis/src",
                "App\\": "app/"
            "classmap": [
        "autoload-dev": {
            "psr-4": {
                "BeWhy\\Genesis\\": "packages/BeWhy/Genesis/src",
                "Tests\\": "tests/"
    composer update
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="BeWhy\Genesis\GenesisServiceProvider" --tag="assets"

And you should have everything up and running! Has any dev, you will use Laravel directory structure to check the "bounds" of your Genesis code, which is everything in folder packages/BeWhy/Genesis.

In theory, and please DON'T, every client can have it's git to Genesis, and other git to client due tue directories structure. (if you use this, don't forget to add folder to .gitignore of client).

It's preferable to use packages/BeWhy/Genesis has IDE root too; and since you calls "bounds" of Laravel and unknown (aka Genesis), you will have a better perception between the 3 worlds: Laravel, Genesis, Client.


Once again, a reminder that you should always look at BeWhy Genesis for latest update. For the source versions available, see the check GitHub.

Assuming this file will be forgotten, let's project the future for our version; and yes, a better versioning solution.

  • [ Phase 0 ] - Setting up BeWhy & Genesis global

  • [ Phase 1 ] - Import first bundle

    • template - which will run Genesis template for tutorial, or extented to site layout;
    • Settings - Helps with management of global vars and other dependencies (eg. roles permissions);
    • Crm - Client Relationship Manager - manages profiles, avatars, status, history;
    • Igm - In Genesis Message - messaging system between users;
    • Shop - Phase 0 - Adding file struture, but first break-point;
    • File - To upload an attach files to all the above;
  • [ Future Phases ] - More bundles to add

    • SOLID integration on Genesis Phase 1
    • Auth by Passport, not by regular Laravel\Auth (more private)
    • PaymentSystems - PayPal, Stripe
    • Versioning


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • First: God, for creating everything
  • Second: devil, for developing Math