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Elastic Driver for Laravel Scout

8.0.4 2021-10-04 07:32 UTC


This is a fork of with a few changes:

Laravel Scout Elasticsearch Driver

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This package provides a Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout.



You can install the package via composer:

composer require bethinkpl/elastic-scout

Laravel will automatically register the driver service provider.

Install elasticsearch-php client

For use this library we recomend using the latest version at this time (^7.9)

composer require elasticsearch/elasticsearch

Setting up Elasticsearch configuration

After you've published the Laravel Scout package configuration, you need to set your driver to elasticsearch and add its configuration:

// config/scout.php
    // Set your driver to elasticsearch
    'driver' => env('SCOUT_DRIVER', 'elasticsearch'),
    | Elasticsearch Configuration
    | Here you may configure your Elasticsearch settings.
    'elasticsearch' => [
        'hosts' => [
            env('ELASTICSEARCH_HOST', 'localhost'),
            // [
            //     'host'   => env('ELASTICSEARCH_HOST', 'localhost'),
            //     'port'   => env('ELASTICSEARCH_PORT', '9200'),
            //     'scheme' => env('ELASTICSEARCH_SCHEME', 'https'),
            //     'path'   => env('ELASTICSEARCH_PATH', '/elastic'),
            //     'user'   => env('ELASTICSEARCH_USER', 'username'),
            //     'pass'   => env('ELASTICSEARCH_PASS', 'password'),
            // ]

For host configuration you can refer to the official Elasticsearch documentation


Now you can use Laravel Scout as described in the Laravel Scout official documentation


Identifying Users Currrently user identification is not supported.



The MIT License (MIT).