Gustavo Niemeyer's geocoding system

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Library to convert a geohash to/from a latitude/longitude point, and to determine bounds of a geohash cell and find neighbours of a geohash.

This is a PHP implementation based on chrisveness/latlon-geohash. More information (with interactive conversion) at


use Beste\Geohash;

// encode latitude/longitude point to geohash of given precision (number of
// characters in resulting geohash); if precision is not specified, it is
// inferred from precision of latitude/longitude values.
Geohash::encode(float $lat, float $lon, ?int $precision = null)

// return { lat, lon } of centre of given geohash, to appropriate precision.
Geohash::decode(string $geohash)

// return { sw, ne } bounds of given geohash.
Geohash::bounds(string $geohash)

// return adjacent cell to given geohash in specified direction (n/s/e/w).
Geohash::adjacent(string $geohash, string $direction)

// return all 8 adjacent cells (n/ne/e/se/s/sw/w/nw) to given geohash.
Geohash::neighbours(string $geohash)


composer require beste/latlon-geohash

Running tests

composer test