Compile sass into css and jrsc into js

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Nodeless Sass and Js for Laravel

Getting started

Add Tapinoma to your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "bespired/tapinoma": dev-master"

Use composer to install this package.

$ composer update

Get it working

Copy the public assets:

$ cp -r vendor/bespired/tapinoma/public/ public/.

Preping the layout:

        <title>App Name - @yield('title')</title>
        <link href=",300,700|Playfair+Display" rel="stylesheet">
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/styles.php/style.scss">

        <div class="container">
        <script src="/assets/jsrc.php/script.jsrc"></script>

Your resources\assets\style.css should look something like:

@import 'sass/settings';
@import 'sass/vendor';
@import 'sass/base';
@import 'sass/app';

and you should have some sass in resources\assets\sass\

Your resources\assets\script.jsrc should look something like:

@import jsrc/jquery;
@import jsrc/wheel;
@import jsrc/title;
@import jsrc/teletype;

And you should have some js in resources\assets\jsrc\
but nothing that needs transpiling.

That's it

No node, no ruby, no compass, no nothing.