Build your angular frontend as part of your laravel project.

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Easily use Laravel as your API backend and Angular with its CLI as frontend. Inspried by fristys' Blogpost.


You should set up your Laravel project first. Then require the package.

$ composer require berthott/nglaravel

Set up Angular

Choose a folder within or outside of your Laravel project to install your Angular project to. I recommend using the Angular CLI inside resources/angular.

In angular.json do the following changes:

"architect": {
  "build": {
    // ...
    "options": {
      "outputPath": "../../public/assets/angular",
      "deployUrl": "/assets/angular/",
      // ...
    "configurations": {
      "production": {
        // ...
        "statsJson": true,
        // ...
      "development": {
        "watch": true

In the package.json of the angular project do the following changes:

"start": "ng build --configuration development --prod=false",
"build": "ng build",

How it works

The package will set up a generic web route that will catch anything apart from /api URLs an forward it to a view including Angulars output scripts. In development these are the static files, in production a controller will read stats.json to include the correctly hashed files.


To change the default options use

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="berthott\NgLaravel\NgBuildServiceProvider" --tag="config"

By default default the package will look for Angulars output in public/assets/angular. If you choose to change the output path in angular.json please set the output property in config/angular.php or the NG_OUTPUT_PATH in .env accordingly.

To add a middleware to the web route use the middleware property in angular.json.

To change the default view use

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="berthott\NgLaravel\NgBuildServiceProvider" --tag="views"


Tested with Laravel 8.x and Angular 12.


See License File. Copyright © 2021 Jan Bladt.