Berlioz Flash Bag Messages

v1.0.0 2018-06-29 16:43 UTC


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Berlioz FlashBag is a PHP library to manage flash messages to showed to the user.



You can install Berlioz FlashBag with Composer, it's the recommended installation.

$ composer require berlioz/flash-bag


  • PHP >= 7.1


All messages are stored in session of user. So you be able to get the messages after a reload of page or redirect. When you got the messages, they are deleted on the stack and no longer available.

Add message

It's very simple to add messages:

$flashBag = new FlashBag;
$flashBag->add(FlashBag::TYPE_SUCCESS, 'Message success')
         ->add(FlashBag::TYPE_INFO, 'Second message');

Some default types are available in constants:

FlashBag::TYPE_INFO = 'info';
FlashBag::TYPE_SUCCESS = 'success';
FlashBag::TYPE_WARNING = 'warning';
FlashBag::TYPE_ERROR = 'error';

Get message

To get message, it's also simple then add:

$flashBag = new FlashBag;
$successMessages = $flashBag->get('success');

foreach ($successMessages as $msg) {
    print $msg;

Get all messages

You can also get all messages in one time:

$flashBag = new FlashBag;
$allMessages = $flashBag->all();

foreach ($allMessages as $type => $messages) {
    foreach ($messages as $msg) {
        print sprintf('%s: %s', $type, $msg);