A laravel component for generating public endpoints for assets within the filesystem

v1.0.3 2016-08-18 22:45 UTC


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Provides a url generation service for your configured filesystems

This extends from laravel's filesystem config.



Simply add a dependency on benrowe/laravel-filesystem-url to your project's composer.json file if you use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project.

    "require-dev": {
         "benrowe/laravel-filesystem-url": "*"

You can also install this package via the composer command:

composer require 'benrowe/laravel-filesystem-url=*'


Service Provider + Facade

Once you've installed the package via composer, you need to register the provided service provider into laravel's provider stack.


Optionally you can register the facade:

'Url' => Benrowe\Laravel\Url\Facade::class,


The url builder uses the existing filesystem config, by extending it with some additional details.

Each disk thats configured can have a url key + associated settings

'local' => [
    'url' => [
        'base' => 'http://localhost',
        'baseSecure' => 'https://localhost', // optional
        'prefix' => 'assets', // optional
        'enabled' => true, //optional

Any filesystems that don't have the url key won't allow a url to be generated (throws an exception).


The primary method is the url($path, $disk = null, $secure = false)

It can be accessed in the following ways:


Url::url('path/to/file.jpg', 'local', $forceSecure);
// outputs as http://localhost/assets/path/to/file.jpg

Blade Directive

The package provides a convenient blade directive

@url('path/to/file.jpg', 'diskname')
// the blade directive will trap exceptions if the disk doesn't exist, or is not configured correctly.


  • Dynamic config - ability to get the config for s3 buckets based on other config, api, etc.