FAQ search field for SilverStripe userforms module

3.1 2018-02-21 22:26 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-01-29 03:02:44 UTC



This is a custom form field that can be added to provide a field that searches for FAQ articles that already exist within the website.

The use case for this field is where an enquiry form exists on the website for users to ask a question. It can be used to indicate that a similar question already has an FAQ article to answer it before they submit their enquiry.


This can be installed via:

composer require benmanu/silverstripe-userforms-faqsearchfield

Javascript Development

This module has as an npm dependency which makes it easy to do future javascript development for the module.

To get everything setup you just need to run:

yarn install

Once all the npm packages have been installed you can start javascript development using either:

yarn run dev: which will start a watch task that rebundles the src files when files in the javascript/src/ folder are updated.

yarn run prod: which you will want to run when finished to produce a production ready build of the javascript src files.


  • Add ajax loader icon to indicate request is being made on field blur