Some useful sugar for your Laravel Blade templates to keep 'em DRY and clean.

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Laravel Blade Sugar

Add syntaxic sugar to Laravel Blade to keep your templates DRY and clean.


This package is tested to run on PHP 5.6+ and Laravel 5.4+.


composer require benjamincrozat/laravel-blade-sugar


If you're on Laravel 5.4 or older, add the service provider in your config/app.php file:

'providers' => [



Available directives


Renders an asset using the current URL scheme:

<img src="@asset('img/photo.jpg')">

More in the official Laravel documentation:


Renders an asset using HTTPS:

<img src="@secureAsset('img/photo.jpg')">

More in the official Laravel documentation:


Automatically adds a checked attribute if your condition returns true.

<input type="radio" @checked('something' === $value)> <label>Choice #1</label>
<input type="radio" @checked('something' === $value)> <label>Choice #2</label>
<input type="radio" @checked('something' === $value)> <label>Choice #3</label>


Automatically displays a Gravatar from a given email address.

<img src="@gravatar('')">


Renders Markdown using Parsedown, which is built in Laravel.

@markdown('**Hello, World!**')


Echos out the path to your Laravel Mix generated asset.

<link rel="stylesheet" src="@mix('/path/to/some/styles.css')">


The route() helper wrapped in a Blade directive.

<a href="@route('posts.index')">Blog</a>
<a href="@route('', $post)">{{ $post->title }}</a>
<a href="@route('', $post, true)">{{ $post->title }}</a>


Adds a selected attribute if your condition returns true.

    <option value="draft" @selected($post->status === 'draft')>Draft</option>
    <option value="published" @selected($post->status === 'published')>Published</option>


Generates a URL from any supported storage.

<img src="@storageUrl($article->illustration)">
<img src="@storageUrl($article->illustration, 's3')">


Generates a title tag depending on the arguments you pass.

<!-- Generates `<title>My Page Title</title>` -->
@title('My Page Title')

<!-- Generates `<title>Default Title</title>` -->
@title(null, 'Default Title')


The url() helper wrapped in a Blade directive.

<a href="@url('user/profile')">Register</a>
<a href="@url('user/profile', 'john-doe')">Register</a>
<a href="@url('some/other/route', [
    'foo' => 'bar',


This directive let you assign new variables inside your Blade template.

@with('foo', 'bar')

{{ $foo }}

Instead of:

<?php $foo = 'bar'; ?>

{{ $foo }}