Debug Behat scenarios and print any information to command line

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1.0 2016-05-09 13:28 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-10 21:03:01 UTC


Print any information you'd like to a command line during the test suite execution.

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Add @debug tag to your feature definition:

Feature: Test

  Scenario: Test
  # ...

Add extension to your configuration file:

    Behat\DebugExtension: ~

Extend your object with a trait:

use Behat\DebugExtension\Debugger;

class Example
    use Debugger;

Use the debug method wherever you like:

public function method()
    // ...
        'Function arguments: %s',
        'Second line',
    ], [
        var_export(func_get_args(), true),
    // ...

As you can see the debug method processed by sprintf() function, so second argument for a method is an array of placeholders.


Also, with this extension, you able to print styled messages to a command line.

new \Behat\DebugExtension\Message('comment', 2, [
    'This is a first line of a message that will be printed to a command line.',
    'Read documentation for this class to know how to use it.',

Programmatic usage

export BEHAT_DEBUG=true

This environment variable tells that messages should be printed in any way.