A symfony bundle that configures several hosting-related things.

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3.3.1 2022-02-21 08:51 UTC


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Eases the integration with several hosting-related topics.


  • tier (required): the tier the app is currently deployed to. Normally something like "production", "staging" or "development".
  • project (required): the clear text name of the project
  • installation (required): the key of this installation (used for tokens and uptime monitoring)
    • Should be unique per installation.
    • Should be a technical key (only a-z 0-9 -_).
  • trackjs: the token for the integration with TrackJS.

Getting the Hosting Config

Just fetch the Becklyn\Hosting\Config\HostingConfig service and you have access to the hosting configuration.


  • The bundle automatically adds a <!-- uptime monitor: $project_name --> comment to all HTML responses. Use this for integration into uptime monitors.

  • If you set a trackjs token, you can include the monitoring JS:

    {% block javascripts %}
        {{- hosting_embed_monitoring() -}}
        {# .. your other JS imports #}
    {% endblock %}

Assets Bundle Integration

This bundle registers a @hosting namespace in the becklyn assets bundle.