A resource-oriented application framework




A resource-oriented application framework

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What's BEAR.Sunday

This resource orientated framework has both externally and internally a REST centric architecture, implementing Dependency Injection and Aspect Orientated Programming heavily to offer you surprising simplicity, order and flexibility in your application. With very few components of its own, it is a fantastic example of how a framework can be built using existing components and libraries from other frameworks, yet offer even further benefit and beauty.

Everything is a resource

In BEAR.Sunday everything is a REST resource which leads to far simpler design and extensibility. Interactions with your database, services and even pages and sections of your app all sit comfortably in a resource which can be consumed or rendered at will.


About this package

This is the framework core interface package that contains a basic reference implementation.

├── Annotation
├── Exception
├── Extension -- Framework extension interface
│   ├── Application
│   ├── Error
│   ├── ExtensionInterface.php
│   ├── Router
│   └── Transfer
├── Inject -- Setter trait
├── Module -- Unchangeble module by context
│   ├── Annotation
│   ├── Cache
│   ├── Constant
│   ├── Resource
│   └── SundayModule.php -- Root module of this package
└── Provide  -- Changeable module by context and refference implementations
    ├── Application
    ├── Error
    ├── Representation
    ├── Router
    └── Transfer

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