Permission handling for Laravel 6.0 and up

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Social Card of Laravel Permission

Associate users with permissions and groups


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Documentation, Installation, and Usage Instructions

See the DOCUMENTATION for detailed installation and usage instructions.

What It Does

This package allows you to manage user permissions and groups in a database.

Once installed you can do stuff like this:

// Adding permissions to a user
$user->givePermissionTo('edit articles');

// Adding permissions via a group

$group->givePermissionTo('edit articles');

Because all permissions will be registered on Laravel's gate, you can check if a user has a permission with Laravel's default can function:

$user->can('edit articles');

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This package is heavily based on Jeffrey Way's awesome Laracasts lessons on permissions and groups. His original code can be found in this repo on GitHub.

Special thanks to Alex Vanderbist who greatly helped with v2, and to Chris Brown for his longtime support helping us maintain the package.

And a special thanks to Caneco for the logo ✨



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