This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the dalenys/php-merchant-api package instead.

Be2bill PHP merchant API

1.4.3 2019-01-22 16:21 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-28 07:14:00 UTC


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NOTE: the namespace has been moved from Be2bill to Dalenys.

[Be2bill Merchant API] (

A simple PHP implementation of the Be2bill payment platform API.

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This library closely adheres to the official Merchant API guidelines.

You can read the API apiGen generated documentation



You can easily install this library by adding the following lines to your composer.json file

  "require": {
    "be2bill/php-merchant-api": "1.*"

or by using this command line in a terminal at the root of your project

composer require be2bill/php-merchant-api 1.*

Manual install

You can install this library manually by simply cloning it to your project and including scripts/autoload.php


Building a simple payment form

Here is the code sample for implementing a simple 10€ payment form



// Just implement BE2BILL_IDENTIFIER and BE2BILL_PASSWORD as defined
$be2bill = Be2bill_Api_ClientBuilder::buildProductionFormClient(BE2BILL_IDENTIFIER, BE2BILL_PASSWORD);

echo $be2bill->buildPaymentFormButton(10000, 'order_123', 'user_123456', 'Payment sample');

Payment options

You can specify some additional options to the buildPaymentFormButton method. The most useful options are:

  • CREATEALIAS = yes/no => Ask for the creation of a rebilling alias (allowing one click payments or subscription like payments)
  • 3DSECURE = yes/no => Ask for 3DSECURE authentication
  • CARDFULLNAME => When set the card holder inputs will be filled with specified data

For the full list of options you can read the Be2bill documentation

Sandbox environment

You can easily test your integration with the sandbox environment. This environment will simulate payments without processing any real money move. You just have to use another builder method:


$be2bill = Be2bill_Api_ClientBuilder::buildSandboxFormClient(BE2BILL_IDENTIFIER, BE2BILL_PASSWORD);

Transaction edition

You can edit a transaction: capturing or refunding an authorization. You should use the direct link AP:


$be2bill = Be2bill_Api_ClientBuilder::buildSandboxDirectLinkClient(BE2BILL_IDENTIFIER, BE2BILL_PASSWORD);

$be2bill->capture('A1234', 'order_42', 'capturing a transaction');


First you have to copy tests/ftests/config.php.dist to tests/ftests/config.php

If you want to run the unit test suite you can run from the project root:

phpunit tests/utests

If you want to run the functional test suite (really send dummy payment requests to the Be2bill sandbox): edit the config.php and replace IDENTIFIER and PASSWORD with the provided one (sandbox)

phpunit tests/ftests

If you want to run all the tests, configure the functional test then simply: