An eZ Platform bundle that adds features around Repository Queries.

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Last update: 2024-07-19 11:20:41 UTC


A Bundle for eZ Platform, the open-source Symfony based CMS, that provides extra features around Repository Queries.



Most features involve QueryTypes, predefined QueryObjects that accept parameters, and return a named Query.

List QueryTypes

This command can list registered QueryTypes, and display details for one in particular:

# php app/console bd:query:types
There are 2 registered QueryTypes:

- AppBundle:LatestContent
- AppBundle:Menu

# php app/console bd:query:types AppBundle:LatestContent
Class: "AppBundle\QueryType\LatestContentQueryType"
Service: "app.query_type.latest_content",
Parameters: location_id, limit

Run a Query

This command runs a Query, built from a QueryType, and displays the results:

# php app/console bd:query:run AppBundle:LatestContent location_id:2 
3 result(s) found in 0.06 seconds:

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