Add Composer vendor binary path to $PATH

v0.1 2013-05-16 04:23 UTC


Composer allows packages to provide command line scripts called "vendor binaries" to pass along to a user who installs the package. By default these scripts are available in the vendor/bin directory.

Composer-Activate provides a script that will add the vendor/bin directory to your shell's PATH so that you can call other vendor binary scripts without the awkward vendor/bin/ prefix.


Composer-Activate is available on Packagist (bd808/composer-activate) and is installable via Composer.

  "require": {
    "bd808/composer-activate": "dev-master"


After installing composer-activate, source vendor/bin/composer_activate.bash in your shell:

$ . vendor/bin/composer_activate.bash

To deactivate:

$ composer_deactivate