A library to support so-called lazy symfony controller responses.

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I prefer to handle response type outside of Symfony controllers and return DTOs instead which are transformed into their corresponding responses afterwards. Some of the very standard DTOs and kernel.view event handlers are in this library.


composer req basster/lazy-response-bundle

If you are using Symfony Flex you are done here, otherwise add the following lines to your services.yaml:

        # make sure autowire and autoconfigure are activated
        autowire: true      
        autoconfigure: true
    Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\Handler\TwigResponseHandler: ~
    Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\Handler\RedirectResponseHandler: ~
    Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\Handler\JsonSerializeResponseHandler: ~


I prefer pure Symfony controllers without extending the Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\AbstractController, using proper Dependency Injection to get the services I want to use. I also liked the idea of the @Template annotation, so controllers return data, no responses. But sometimes, that comes with a drawback: If you want to attach proper typehints to your controller actions. E.g. if you handle a form in an action, you return either view model as array or a RedirectResponse after successful form handling. Downside: Those "return types" have nothing in common.

Here is my approach:

use Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\LazyResponseInterface;
use Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\RedirectResponse;
use Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\TemplateResponse;

class MyController {
    public function commentNew(Request $request, FormFactoryInterface $formFactory): LazyResponseInterface
        $post = new Post();
        $form = $formFactory->create(PostType::class, $post);
        if ($form->isSubmitted() && $form->isValid()) {
            // do stuff with the submitted data
            return new RedirectResponse('post_index'); // will end up in a RedirectResponse
        return new TemplateResponse('post/new.html.twig',[
            'post' => $post,
            'form' => $form->createView(),
        ]); // will end up in a regular Response with contents of the rendered template.


The Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\LazyResponseInterface is just a marking interface to be shared by multiple DTOs. Currently there are the following standard DTOs:

  • Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\JsonSerializeResponse
  • Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\RedirectResponse
  • Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\TemplateResponse

The response DTOs are framework agnostic and can be used wherever you want!


The handlers, that come with this library, are Symfony kernel.view event subscriber transforming the DTOs into Symfony response objects:

  • Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\Handler\JsonSerializeResponseHandler handles JsonSerializeResponse and utilizes the Symfony serializer.
  • Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\Handler\RedirectResponseHandler handles RedirectResponse and utilizes the Symfony router.
  • Basster\LazyResponseBundle\Response\Handler\TwigResponseHandler handles TemplateResponse utilizes Twig (doh!).