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Yet another library of those damned helper functions.

v0.1.9 2013-08-29 13:11 UTC


Yet another package full of helper functions.

This is pretty much a personal dumping ground for little functions and classes I make which don’t fit anywhere else. Every now and again I extract a whole bunch of related functions into a package of their own.

A lot of the open source code I’ve written depends on this package, which is not a very good thing as it’s actually quite big, especially if you install all the dev dependencies (which composer does by default). So I’m currently (2013-06) in the process of extracting the bits I’m using into minimal packages as described above.


  • BarnabyWalters\Doctrine\Types\Json: A custom type for Doctrine allowing arrays to be stored as JSON in longtext fields.
  • BarnabyWalters\Helpers\Helpers: A class full of static helper methods for doing various bits of text processing and other stuff.
  • BarnabyWalters\Helpers\Microformats: Static helper methods for processing canonical microformats-2 array structures
  • BarnabyWalters\Posse\*: A namespace full of helper classes for syndicating content. Includes:
    • Twitter syndication methods
    • intelligent ActivityStreams Object => Twitter POST array
    • HTML => Microblogging syntax converter


Auto-generated documentation is available online, but split up a bit.