Ball State CBER DataCenter plugin for CakePHP 4

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dev-master 2021-04-23 15:50 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-23 19:45:32 UTC



  • Install this plugin in your CakePHP application using composer.

    composer require ballstatecber/datacenter-plugin-cakephp4:dev-master
  • Add $this->addPlugin('DataCenter'); in App\Application:bootstrap()

  • Have AppController extend DataCenter\Controller\AppController


  • Copy the plugin's config/datacenter.php configuration file to the application's config directory
  • Set 'DataCenter.siteTitle' and 'DataCenter.siteUrl' in the copy
  • Change other values as appropriate
  • Comment out or remove lines in this file to fall back on the plugin's default configuration values

View layer

Page title

  • Set $pageTitle in each action's view variables where you would like to prepend the site title with the page title and display it as a header.
  • Set the $hidePageTitle view variable to true to only put the title in <title> and prevent it from being displayed.
  • Set $linkPageTitle to true to link the page title to the current page.


Replace templates/layout/default.php with the following:

 * @var \App\View\AppView $this


// If you have a /templates/elements/sidebar.php file
$this->assign('sidebar', $this->element('sidebar'));

<div id="content">
    <?= $this->fetch('content') ?>


If you'd like to have a masthead or other content between the header and main content, populate the site_title view block in templates/layout/default.php. Example:

    use Cake\Core\Configure;
<?php $this->append('site_title'); ?>
        <a href="/">
            <img src="/img/masthead.png" alt="<?= Configure::read('DataCenter.siteTitle') ?>" />
<?php $this->end(); ?>
  • Such masthead images will adjust to fit inside the viewport, but should ideally be 1,140px wide.
  • If you're using text instead of an image, use <h1 class="text"> to apply padding, border-radius, and background color.

Overriding sidebar width

By default, the sidebar is two columns wide in large-width devices and three columns wide in medium-width devices (and displayed in its own row in smaller widths). To override this, set the $lgSidebarWidth and/or $mdSidebarWidth view variables

    'lgSidebarWidth' => 3,
    'mdSidebarWidth' => 2,


Create webroot/css/style.scss with these imports at the top:

@import "./cake.css";
@import "../../vendor/twbs/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss";
@import "../../vendor/ballstatecber/datacenter-plugin-cakephp4/webroot/css/datacenter.scss";

If you're using the tag editor, also add

@import "../../vendor/ballstatecber/datacenter-plugin-cakephp4/webroot/css/tag_editor.scss";


  • Have Mailer classes extend DataCenter\Mailer\DataCenterMailer to use the plugin's default layout and settings
  • If using the DataCenter.default email layout, create elements called email_signature_html.php and email_signature_text.php to override default signatures
  • These elements can return false to disable email signatures

Authentication / Authorization

Refer to the plugin's auth docs for information about using its standard auth setup.

Social media meta tags

Refer to the plugin's social media tag docs for information about setting information for social media websites to use when scraping a page.