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1.3.1 2021-06-22 07:00 UTC

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1. Introduction:

Bagisto GDPR will help customers to Send Data Requests for Changing name , email ID , many more as well as customer can also send request for delete a particular data. Through this module customer can also see their all detaills like personal Details , Address Details , Order Details in pdf & html formate. If admin is satisfied with the GDPR Data Request of the customer then admin could proceed the request of change a particular info or delete a particular info of the customer.

  • Customers can send Data Request for Changing information in their acccount.
  • Customers can send Data Request for deleteing a particular information in their acccount.
  • After sending any Request customer recieves a mail on their registered email id.
  • Customer can see thier all details like Personal Detail, Address Detail , Order detail through just one click in pdf and html formats.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable GDPR Module.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable Customer Agreement in GDPR Module.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable Cookie Management in GDPR Module.
  • Admin can see the list of all Data Request.
  • Admin can solve the Data Request and can change the status of the request.

2. Requirements:

  • Bagisto: v1.3.1

3. Installation:

Go to the root folder of Bagisto and run the following commands:

composer require bagisto/bagisto-gdpr
php artisan gdpr:install
  • Enable the GDPR Module from the Admin Panel