Propel behavior that helps you to set fixed UUID

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Helps you add UUID for propel ActiveRecord

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This behavior requires Propel >= 1.6.0 and Rhumsaa\Uuid for PHP >= 2.6.0


Get the code by cloning this repository, or by using Composer (recommended):

    "require": {
        "badlamer/propel-uuid-behavior": "dev-master"

Then, if you don't use Composer, or an autoloader in your application, add the following configuration to your or propel.ini file:

propel.behavior.uuid.class = vendor.badlamer.propel-uuid-behavior.src.UuidBehavior

Note: vendor.badlamer.propel-uuid-behavior.src.UuidBehavior is the path to access the UuidBehavior class in "dot-path" notation.

Then declare the behavior in your schema.xml:

<table name="person">
  <behavior name="uuid">
    <parameter name="name" value="uuid_column" />