This extension adds a CLI script to warmup the caches.






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v1.4.3 2024-05-03 16:14 UTC

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This extension provides a simple command line tool for warming up certain caches.

This extension is especially useful for large installations that deploy and then flush caches.

The current state is intended for TYPO3 v8 LTS, and handles the Rootline Cache.

For TYPO3 v9+ LTS, pages can be called as well.

Rootline Cache

One of the main issues here is a large installation with lots of pages. A cache:flush via TYPO3 console will empty the information on the rootline cache. When a visitor visits the page again after flushing the cache, and the page has 100 links to other pages, the rootline for each of the page will be built. This could take several seconds. A second visitor could visit the page and then see the nice "Page is being generated" screen. This can be improved!

A command line script runs directly after cache:flush and warms up all caches. This is mostly cache_core (by running the script itself) and cache_rootline.

./typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 cache:warmup

Running the script multiple times does not matter, as it solely acts as a wrapper for fetching the rootline for a page. If it is already in the cache, the command runs smoothly.


Install the extension by extracting the contents of this folder into typo3conf/ext/warmup and install the extension via the Extension Manager.

Alternatively, you can use composer via composer req b13/warmup.


Note that this extension does not take workspaces or mount points into account currently! Contributions are welcome.


  • Benni Mack


GPL2.0+, see LICENSE.txt for more details.