Disables cropping for translated records. Cropping of localized records are automatically taken from the original language

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2.2.0 2024-05-23 13:23 UTC

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This is a TYPO3 extension that disables the cropping functionality for file references that are a translation. This means, that they have a reference to a record in another language.

Under the hood, the cropping information from the original record is always kept in sync.

When do I need this extension?

Imagine you have a TYPO3 installation with multiple translations. If you want to make sure the cropping value is the same across all translations, use the extension. This way, you only need to modify the cropping information in the original language, and the change will be applied to all translations.

It does limit your capabilities, because nobody could ever set a custom cropping information for a translation, however we consider this a best practice for the use cases that we encountered. If you need to have custom cropping information (or even a different picture), then it's not a translation anymore but just a record in a specific language.

How to install

You can set this up via composer (composer require b13/unlocalizedcrop) or via TER (extension name "unlocalizedcrop"), it runs with TYPO3 v8+.

There is a CLI command to migrate an existing installation with existing sys_file_reference records in translations to have everything in sync from the beginning. Use it via vendor/bin/typo3 unlocalizedcrop:migrate.


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core.

For details see LICENSE.txt in this repository.


  • Initial development: Benni Mack
  • sponsored by b13 (www.b13.com)