Prepare TYPO3 extensions for composer

dev-main 2021-04-12 15:49 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-12 17:03:34 UTC


What does it do?

typo3-composerize check - will check extensions for composer compatability. A extension is considered incompatible if either composer.json does not exist or the composer.json does not contain an extension-key property in extra -> typo3/cms section

typo3-composerize create - if the composer.json does not exist it will send a request containing the contents of ext_emconf.php as a JSON payload to TER (POST https://extensions.typo3.org/composerize/) and returns a composer.json which will be stored in the extension folder. In case the extension-key is missing it will automatically set according to the extensions folder name.


Install: composer require b13/typo3-composerize

Check if given extensions are compatible:

  • ./vendor/bin/typo3-composerize check -d <doc root> "ext_key1,ext_key2"

Update given extensions:

  • ./vendor/bin/typo3-composerize create -d <doc root> "ext_key1,ext_key2"

Tests & Linting

Install composer including require-dev: composer install --dev

Run ...

  • PHPUnit - ./vendor/bin/phpunit
  • PHPStan - ./vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --no-progress Classes/ Tests/
  • PHP CS Fixer - ./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix -vvv --dry-run --diff