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1.2.0 2023-05-30 14:47 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-30 00:39:19 UTC


Allow editing and adding lightweight tags for any kind of record to identify records easily.

Characteristics of tags:

  • Non-translateable - the same tag for all languages
  • Reuse tags by suggesting existing tags


Use composer req b13/tag or download the package from the official TYPO3 Extension Repository.

You need TYPO3 v9 or later for this extension to work.


Add a database field for keywords/tags in your database table:

keywords int(11) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL

For enabling tags in your TCA table of TYPO3, configure it like this in your database table (Configuration/TCA/tx_my_table.php).

'keywords' => [
    'label' => 'Keywords',
    'config' => (new \B13\Tag\TcaHelper())->buildFieldConfiguration('tx_my_table', 'keywords')

\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::addToAllTCAtypes('tx_my_table', 'keywords');

As all tags are stored in sys_tag and all its relations within sys_tag_mm, you're on your own whatever you want to do with tags in your system, however multiple functionality might be added later-on.

Known bugs

  • JavaScript does not care about the ordering of the tags in a list, which would be really cool. This stems from the fact that the JavaScript library (originally taken from Bootstrap-TagsInput)

Missing features

  • Permission handling: Make certain tags "read-only" for editors, so they can not remove specific tags from a record.
  • Allow to only search for tags on a per-pid basis
  • Allow to configure the "pid"
  • Allow numeric tag names
  • Limit max number of tags for a specific field
  • Use LLL labels


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core. For details see the LICENSE file in this repository.


This extension was created by Benni Mack in 2019 for b13 GmbH, Stuttgart.

For Bootstrap 4, we might use https://github.com/Nodws/bootstrap4-tagsinput

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