Keep external links secure by adding rel="noopener" to all external typolinks.






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1.1.2 2019-11-07 11:18 UTC

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This package is a TYPO3 extension to modify external links on your website.

As explained in this article on developers.google.com opening an external link with target="_blank" can negatively impact your page's performance, as this newly opened page might run on the same process as your page. It also poses a security risk because the other page can potentially redirect your page to a malicious URL or change your page's content using JavaScript.

This extension adds a Hook for all links generated by TYPO3 using a typolink and adds rel="noopener" to all links that open in a new window (target="_blank") and do not have a rel attribute, yet. This affects all links generated by TypoScript (including RTE content added by your editors) or using the Fluid ViewHelper <f:link.typolink>.

How to install this extension?

You can set this up via composer (composer require b13/snipper).


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core.

For details see the LICENSE file in this repository.


snipper was initially created by David Steeb in 2019, for b13, Stuttgart

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