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Rich text editor for input fields.

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1.0.0 2023-12-06 06:29 UTC

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About this extension

When working with complex designs often times there is the need for additional, but very limited, formatting options for headlines, sublines and other fields typically presented to the editor as "single input fields". Solutions for these kinds of requirements often involve descriptions for the editors, explaining how to manually add a line-break or format parts of a headline with a bold font style.

While browsing the web we came across this excellent blog post by Daniel Siepmann: https://daniel-siepmann.de/typo3-rte-for-input-fields.html He explains an elegant solution to include a stripped down rich text editor for these kinds of fields. After testing his solution we decided to create a small single-purpose extension to easily add this configuration to multiple instances.


Install using composer:

composer req b13/richtextinputfields


Use by adding rich text editors as usual to the fields. This extension brings a very stripped down RTE configuration, but you're free to use your own.

'config' => [
    'type' => 'text',
    'rows' => 1,
    'max' => 255,
    'enableRichtext' => true,
    'richtextConfiguration' => 'minimal-input-field',

Set a row value to shrink the height of the rte window to "one line". Add a max value to show a character count and enforce a maximal amount of characters for the field.


This extension is heavily inspired by Daniel Siepmanns aforementioned blog post and was created by b13 GmbH, Stuttgart for use in our projects.

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