Adds a new page doktype for news.

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2.1.0 2024-02-12 18:30 UTC


This extension provides a new doktype to be used for news that need to have flexible content, e.g. tt_content elements.

The new doktype that is registered is doktype=24.


This extension registers 3 Plugins:

  • list
    • this plugin shows a list of all news, optionally filtered by a value selected in the plugin, and optionally a frontend filter can be displayed
  • recent
  • teaser
  • newsJson
    • this plugin comes with its own page type (1623330999) and returns all news as a JSON with teaser images pre-processed


This plugin comes with a couple of filters pre-shipped:

  • Category: both as a backend filter and front end filter
  • Categories: a front end filter that allows multiple categories to be selected
    • this filter combines the selected categories using an or operation
  • Date: a front end filter that filters by year and month

Custom Filters

If you want to create your own filters, you can register them in your ext_localconf.php with the following call


   'Filter Name',                                                              // this name will be used to call the filter internally
   'LLL:EXT:vendor/ext/Private/Language/newspage.xlf:filter.name',             // label to use for the plugin and frontend filter
   'EXT:site_tecselect/Configuration/FlexForms/Newspage/Filter/Partner.xml'    // optional flexform definition for a backend filter

Your class should implement the B13\Newspage\Filter\FilterInterface and therefore implement the functions getItems() and getQueryConstraint().

The function getItems() is used to get all possible values for the filter (both for the plugin settings, as well as the frontend filter).

getQueryContraint() is used to add the filtering restriction to the query in the list plugin. This function can also return null if not all required values are set, or you want to filter everything in the front end using JavaScript.

For an example take a look at the two filters provided by this extension.

If you want to enable the backend plugin filter, you should provide a FlexForm definition that selects the data to filter by. This file then needs to be passed as the fourth argument when registering the filter.

The created field is automatically passed as settings.prefilters.name with the name you registered it with.

For an example take a look at EXT:newspage/Configuration/FlexForms/Filter/Category.xml


At b13 we often use additional page types (doktype) for categories, overview pages, and tags. This extension adds a number of assets ready to use for your own custom doktypes:

Icon Identifier Icon
apps-pagetree-newspage-page apps-pagetree-newspage-page.svg
apps-pagetree-newspage-article apps-pagetree-newspage-article.svg
apps-pagetree-newspage-category apps-pagetree-newspage-category.svg
apps-pagetree-newspage-overview apps-pagetree-newspage-overview.svg
apps-pagetree-newspage-tag apps-pagetree-newspage-tag.svg
mimetypes-newspage-page mimetypes-newspage-page.svg

Page Layout edit mode

In the page module layout view, the most important properties (title, category, media, slug, date) can be edited without leaving the layout view. This behavior can be disabled in the extension settings ('layout_edit_mode' => '0') to display a regular page view.

To customize the fields, use the dedicated tx_newspage_layout palette:

$GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['palettes']['tx_newspage_layout']['showitem'] = 'title,abstract,slug';


  • tx_newspage_domain_model_category should be replaced by sys_category as there is no real value from creating a new model for a problem that is already solved within TYPO3
  • make recent plugin more filterable (use added filters from list ?)