With incoming URLs, it does not matter if they are upper/lowercase, they just work.

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1.3.0 2023-06-06 14:36 UTC

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When your marketing team has accidentally pushed a campaign with mixed case URLs, they should not run into 404s.

This TYPO3 extension solves your pain - just in case.

What does it do?

By default, TYPO3 v9 is strict when you're actual page is called https://b13.com/lets-connect/ but your marketing dudes name it https://b13.com/Lets-Connect/. TYPO3 v9 saves URLs as lower-case by default.

A simple PSR-15 based middleware transforms your incoming URL into lower-case and you should be fine, as both URLs would work for the users.


Use it via composer req b13/justincase or install the Extension justincase from the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

justincase requires TYPO3 v9.5.0 or later.


As a web developer, sometimes the team wants a 307 redirect, and sometimes to just work as everything would be lower-case.

justincase does the latter ("just pretend it works") and receives the URL, processes the URL further by default, however you can configure the extension on a per-site basis to do redirects instead, by modifying the Languages array of the site configuration yaml:

    title: English
    redirectOnUpperCase: true
    # in case you want to use a status code, other than 307
    redirectStatusCode: 303

If you wish to enable redirect for all languages, add these lines at the bottom of the site configuration yaml instead:

    redirectOnUpperCase: true
    # in case you want to use a status code, other than 307
    redirectStatusCode: 303

Please note that this option only works for GET or HEAD requests.


If specific route enhancers check on camel-case (e.g. {order}/paymentForm/) this might lead to unexpected behaviours and 404 pages.


As TYPO3 Core, justincase is licensed under GPL2 or later. See the LICENSE file for more details.

Background, Credits & Further Maintenance

This extension was created as a show-case on what you can do with middlewares for TYPO3 v9 and customize so many things. See https://forge.typo3.org/issues/87544 for the initial request.

TYPO3 community often requests functionality, which can be put in small and efficient extensions, and justincase does exactly that, without having to burden everything into TYPO3 Core.

justincase was initially created by Daniel Goerz and Benni Mack for b13, Stuttgart, with the nice support from Matthias Stegmann for providing the extension name.

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