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2.0.1 2023-06-29 10:48 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-09-29 11:36:30 UTC


About this extension

This extension adds dedicated fields for creating Call-to-action elements and optionally adds a new stand alone cta element to your TYPO3 project with a simple Fluid template for frontend rendering. It is intended as a basis to add link and cta functionality to your custom content elements like teasers, text elements.

Three fields are being added to table tt_content: tx_cta_link, tx_cta_linklabel and tx_cta_linkconfig; tx_cta_linkconfig is rendered as a dropdown by default.

To add CTA fields to other content elements you can make use of two different palettes:

  • linklabel renders a link field and a corresponding link label field.
  • linklabelconfig adds a third field for additional configuration options per link.


Use composer to add this content element to your project

composer require b13/cta

and install the extension using the Extension Manager in your TYPO3 backend.

Update from Version < 2

We have changed the database fields

  • link to tx_cta_link
  • linklabel to tx_cta_linklabel
  • linkconfig to tx_cta_linkconfig

Use the example cta element

If you want to make use of the basic cta element included as an example, add the TypoScript setup to your site-Extension setup:

@import 'EXT:cta/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.typoscript'

To add the element to the new content element wizard, also include the PageTSConfig in your templates:

@import 'EXT:cta/Configuration/PageTs/PageTs.tsconfig'

This will add the CTA element to the "common" tab (you can change this within your PageTSConfig of course).


To make use of your own Fluid template add your template within your site-Extension using the template name "cta.html".

By default, the content element will show four fields:

  • Layout
  • Link
  • Link label
  • Link configuration

To remove fields you don't need, use PageTSConfig within your template configuration, like this:

TCEFORM.tt_content.layout.types.cta.disabled = 1

or better yet, use columnsOverride configuration in your TCA.

To add options to the dropdown for either one of the dropdown fields, use PageTSConfig like this:

TCEFORM.tt_content.tx_cta_linkconfig.types.cta.addItems.inverted = Inverted Button

or, again, use columnsOverrides in your TCA configuration.


As TYPO3 Core, cta is licensed under GPL2 or later. See the LICENSE file for more details.

Background, Authors & Further Maintenance

TYPO3 is highly configurable and it is easy to add custom content types or fields to the system using a few lines of TCA configuration, a simple PageTS configuration to add the type to the list of elements in the New Content Element Wizard, and a few lines of TypoScript and a Fluid Template. This extension adds a content type in the same way we create custom content types for our TYPO3 projects at b13.

EXT:cta was initially created by David Steeb in 2017 for b13, Stuttgart. We use this as a basis to add cta fields to tt_content, render buttons and cta links, add cta elements to other content types (like adding a call-to-action to a textmedia element) and as a general purpose "read more"-type of link field for teasers, sliders and lots of different content types in general.

Find more TYPO3 extensions we have developed that help us deliver value in client projects. As part of the way we work, we focus on testing and best practices to ensure long-term performance, reliability, and results in all our code.