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v2.0.2 2023-01-05 23:12 UTC

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When TYPO3 is behind Akamai's EdgeGrid CDN, this extension is a perfect companion for you.

This extension hides the complexity for Akamai's EdgeGrid API to purge caches.


As EXT:akamai is using some PHP libraries, this extension is currently only useful when running TYPO3 in composer mode. You can install this extension by using composer:

composer req b13/akamai


By default, EXT:akamai ships with a akamai:purge CLI command to purge a content provider group (CP) or a specific URL. TYPO3 is using the graceful "invalidate" endpoints.

It is possible to purge a single or multiple URLs

./vendor/bin/typo3 akamai:purge --url=https://example.com/page1 --url=https://example.com/page2

or purge a whole Content Provider by its CP code

./vendor/bin/typo3 akamai:purge --url=https://example.com/page1 --url=https://example.com/page2

EXT:akamai chooses the network by determining the TYPO3 Context and only uses the production network if TYPO3 Context is set to Production. However, this can be overridden by a --network=staging or --network=production setting.

Integration into TYPO3 Backend

EXT:akamai can be used in conjunction with TYPO3's Proxy Cache Manager Extension.

Using the Akamai Adapter for EXT:proxycachemanager flushes page caches directly when modifying a page. This is perfect if you're dealing with akamai configuration that not just caches your static assets but also your pages.

For this, ensure to set the class \B13\Akamai\Provider\AkamaiProxyProvider in the settings of EXT:proxycachemanager.



Akamai uses a .edgerc credentials file, which currently request to be in TYPO3's main directory (project path, also where your composer file resides).

This file might look like this:

client_secret = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=
host = xxxxx.purge.akamaiapis.net
access_token = xxxxx
client_token = xxxxx

It is also possible to use Environment variables directly.

AKAMAI_DEFAULT_HOST = xxxxx.purge.akamaiapis.net

Use the Extension setting configType to choose between the Environment and the .edgerc mode.

Please note that the host never contains the URL scheme - no matter what configuration type you're choosing.

The default section can be configured as well, in case your installation has multiple endpoints at Akamai.

Using multiple sections / CDN endpoints in Site Configuration

It is possible to define the CP code by site when using the integration of EXT:proxycachemanager. Ensure to set this in your TYPO3 site config.yaml:

    akamai_cpcode: "12345"
    akamai_auth_section: "superbowl_campaign"


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core. For details see the LICENSE file in this repository.

Open Issues

If you find an issue, feel free to create an issue on GitHub or a pull request.


This extension was created by Benni Mack in 2020 for b13 GmbH.

Find more TYPO3 extensions we have developed that help us deliver value in client projects. As part of the way we work, we focus on testing and best practices to ensure long-term performance, reliability, and results in all our code.