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This package overrides your config files from database(or where ever you want, see ConfigLoader.php).

Getting Started

lets think you want to create options page for you site, you need to define Site Name, maybe contact email for you contact form, what you need to do? creating config file will be fine too but you cant just put these email address to git, so this thing helps you to put these things to database.


Laravel 5.*
php >=7.1


php artisan migrate
php artisan vendor:publish azizyus/optionmanger-config


check example dir while reading this part
you have a controller which is serves your config page
also that controller catches your post request to save your new options
you save it in panel (YourPanelOptionsController::saveOptions())
then read from db, override your config file then spread with View::share(); (check YourContextOrFrontController::__construct())
basically you should able to use your {{$name}} instead of config('')