package helps you to catch your uploaded files(probably good features about images uploading)

2.2.2 2021-08-23 17:47 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-23 17:30:07 UTC


its a very basic wrapper and helper for UploadedFile class in Laravel,

it helps you while saving and naming your uploaded files. (or resizing them but you need an extra package for that)

Any Examples I Can Use?

   public function UploadControllerMethod(Request $request)  
       //"file" is you file input name  
       $file = UploadedFileCatcher::catchFile("file"); //catch your file, return value is IUploadedFile  
       $uploadHelper1 = new UploadHelper($file); //pass that file as param to UploadHelper  
       $uploadHelper1->setNamingPolicy(new RandomNamePolicy());  //an implementation which is renames your uploaded file  
       $uploadHelper1->setFileTreatment(new StandardFileTreatment()); //need to process your file?, do it here  
       $uploadHelper1->saveFile(); //save the file where ever you want, default is

whats that bunker?

Let's assume you uploaded an X file so you need different variants of em like a, 100x100+prefix named and original+random named, guess what?

        $file = UploadedFileCatcher::catchFile("file"); 
        $prefixed100x100UploadHelper = new UploadHelper($file); 
        $prefixed100x100UploadHelper->setNamingPolicy(new RandomPrefixedNamePolicy("my-prefix"));   
        $prefixed100x100UploadHelper->setFileTreatment(new FixedSizeImageFileTreatment(100,100)); //width, height 
        //as you can see i didnt saved it
        $originalNamedImageWithRandomName = new UploadHelper($file); 
        $originalNamedImageWithRandomName->setNamingPolicy(new NormalNamingPolicy());   
        $originalNamedImageWithRandomName->setFileTreatment(new StandardFileTreatment()); 
        $uploadBunker = new UploadBunker();
        //these will give you 2 version of that file you uploaded